Help the wild horses!

FOUR PAWS protects 500 wild horses in the Danube Delta. Horses are methodically being captured and sold for large amounts of money. Needless to say that this causes problems. The  captured horses are severely injured by the iron chains which are used to capture them. Many of the horses succumb to the injuries inflicted by their captors. FOUR PAWS is providing medical care to the horses and frees them from traps if necessary.

FOUR PAWS has also started a birth control program in October 2015. Mares receive a hormone injection that needs to be renewed every year.

Donate for these 500 mighty horses and help them stay safely in the Danube Delta.

What are we going to do with your donation?

  • Provide food to the horses in times of food scarcity to prevent starvation.
  • Removal of ropes and chains.
  • Medical care for painful wounds, tumors and other ailments.
  • Birth control to keep the unique ecosystem in balance.

Donate for the wild horses!

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