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Help the wild horses!

FOUR PAWS protects 500 wild horses in the Danube Delta. In 2012, we launched a birth control program that has since benefitted flora and fauna alike. For the past two decades, the number of horses had grown rapidly and threatened the unique ecosystem of the region. To limit the damage, the Romanian authorities saw no other solution but to shoot the horses. By offering our services, we managed to not only prevent the slaughter of hundreds of horses but also preserved the unique ecosystem of the region.

Poachers form another threat to the horses of the Danube delta. The captured horses are often severely injured by the iron chains around their front or back legs which are used to prevent them from running away. Many of the horses succumb to the injuries inflicted by their captors. FOUR PAWS is providing medical care to the horses and frees them from traps if necessary.

Donate for these beautiful horses and help them stay safely in the Danube Delta.

What are we going to do with your donation?

  • Birth control to keep the unique ecosystem in balance.
  • Provide food to the horses during very harsh winters and other times of food scarcity.
  • Removal of ropes and chains.
  • Medical care for painful wounds, tumors and other ailments.



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