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Stray animals need our help!

No animal willingly becomes a stray. It is humans who abandon their supposedly beloved pets. Strays multiply uncontrollably. Their population must be reduced urgently, especially in cities, in order to avoid conflicts and risks to humans and animals alike. Stray animals suffer hunger, disease, misery and abuse by humans. Local authorities often find mass killing to be a “solution“. Killing, poisoning or shooting stray dogs is, however, not only unbelievably cruel – it also makes no sense in the long run as even just a few animals or newly abandoned animals will breed rapidly. 

FOUR PAWS Stray Care has a demonstrated, an animal-friendly strategy that helps stray animals: Neutering programs. In just one location, a FOUR PAWS team can neuter and vaccinate hundreds of stray animals within a week, costing less than it would to kill and dispose of the animals. For the animals this means their lives are saved and they receive treatment for disease and injuries. Well-trained and dedicated veterinarians vaccinate and deworm the animals and neuter them under general anaesthesia. 

After the treatment, the four-legged patients remain in the clinic for at least another day. FOUR PAWS has successfully run Stray Animal Projects in Ukraine, Thailand, India, Romania and many other places.


Your donation will support our Stray Animal Care projects!


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