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Stray animals need our help!

No animal willingly becomes a stray and most humans don't abandon their beloved pets easily. And yet many stray animals suffer hunger, disease, misery and abuse by humans. Local authorities often find mass killing to be a “solution“. Killing, poisoning or shooting stray dogs is, however, not only unbelievably cruel – it also makes no sense in the long run as even just a few animals or newly abandoned animals will breed rapidly. 

FOUR PAWS Stray Care has a demonstrated, an animal-friendly strategy that helps stray animals; our neutering program. In just one location, a FOUR PAWS team can neuter and vaccinate hundreds of stray animals within a week, avoiding their senseless killing as well as being cost-effective. This also gives our veterinarians to vaccinate and treat any animals that might need it.

In cooperation with local organisations, we also run shelters in Eastern Europe and Asia, giving abandoned animals a second chance at life.

After the treatment, the four-legged patients remain in the clinic for at least another day. FOUR PAWS has successfully run Stray Animal Projects in Ukraine, Thailand, India, Romania and many other places. Please support our effort to create a safer world for strays.