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A race against time

On Monday, the Queen Hind carrying a staggering 14,000 live sheep aboard capsized off the coast of Romania. Even though all human crewmembers were rescued, the thousands of sheep were left behind and are now dying in abominable conditions. The Queen Hind is slowly becoming a floating coffin.

Thousands of scared, injured and weakened sheep are left to their own devices inside the massive ship. Our Romanian partner, the welfare organisation ARCA (Animal Rescue and Care Association), is on-site to help rescue the thousands of trapped animals. The situation is extremely difficult as dead and dying sheep are scattered all over the ship. Dead bodies cover barely alive ones and every now and then a muffled 'baa' can be heard.

The knowledge that there are still survivors to be found keeps the team going but they need all the support they can get. Please support this momentous mission and help the team rescue as many animals as possible. 


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