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Donate for lamb Martisor, his mother and friends

At the end of November 2019, a cargo ship with 14,500 live sheep capsized off the coast of Romania. All crew members were rescued, but most of the sheep died and the few that were alive were left on the capsized ship waiting for death in terrible tragedy.

FOUR PAWS partner ARCA insisted on checking for survivors and took on the challenge to rescue as many sheep as possible. In the end 180 animals were given a second chance and survived the horrible accident. We convinced the authorities that these sheep deserve a better future. They agreed that the rescued animals will not be exported nor slaughtered for food. After a required quarantine and a lot of discussion with the authorities, FOUR PAWS and ARCA received temporary custody of the sheep and could transfer them to a temporary facility to help stabilize their physical and mental well being north of Bucharest. 

Now, we can give these traumatised sheep the care they so desperately need.
This comes with a lot of beautiful moments, challenges and even miracles. Let us give you three examples:

Two little lambs

Easter brough us some new surprises to our rescued herd of sheep. We welcomed two new little lambs to the group from two other females amongst the rescued rams! The two babies are healthy and enjoying their first few days in the world.

Lamb ‘Martisor’

We believed that we received 180 rams from the authorities, but one of them unexpectedly gave birth to a lamb! We named the miracle ‘Martisor’, which is the name of the celebrations for the beginning of spring in Romania. He had a difficult start as his mother was not able to provide him with the nutrient rich milk he needs. We desperately looked for a surrogate and luckily found a mother who accepted him in addition to her own little lamb. He survived through the hard days and is now very happy with two mothers and a stepsister.

Ram Rugian

Another example of a sheep that required immediate care is ram ‘Rugian’. He played too rough with another ram. He suffered a spinal fracture between the first and second vertebrae. Our veterinarians searched and found two animal clinics stepping in to help him. After a CT scan he had to undergo urgent surgery. Now he is on his way to recover completely. Nothing is impossible if we help together.

We need your support!
our donation can help to cover:
• Transport costs to bring all the sheep to our rescue facility: 1000€
• Castration of the rams: 3500 – 5000€
• Monthly food for all sheep: 5000€ (27€ per sheep)
• Monthly rent of the rescue facility: 1000€
• Monthly costs for the animals (vaccinations, deworming, vitamin supplements, salt blocks, baking powder blocks, coat maintenance, etc.) around 1500€ for all sheep (8€ per sheep).
• Monthly maintenance of the rescue facility (fencing, water, electricity, feed troughs, shovels, fork forks, wheel barrel, waste disposal, etc.) costs around 500€.

Please support our campaign to end long distance transports of farm animals across the EU and the end of live animal sales to countries outside the EU, this is the way to can protect these farm animals from enduring hardships due to being transported and sold without stricter animal welfare and transport regulations.

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