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A new beginning for Sahib and Jill

With your support, our Big Cat Centre TIERART can welcome two former circus tigers! 14-year old male Sahib and 13-year old female Jill  are ready to start a new life.

The lives of Sahib and Jill

Both tigers were bred and born in Tierpark Nadermann in Germany. In 2007, when they were about one year old, they were sold to a circus dompteur. Since then, they spent most of their lives  performing tricks for audiences in the circus.

But now the tigers are urgently looking for a new home.

Recently, the dompteur decided to end his circus business due to COVID-19 and personal reasons. As a result, the tigers were stuck at a horse ranch in Germany since January 2020. This is obviously an unsuitable environment for the tigers and the dompteur looked for a solution for his animals

This is why we need your support

The former owner of the tigers has been cooperative with FOUR PAWS. He wishes that the two tigers have a good retirement and spend the rest of their lives in a species-appropriate environment where they receive the care and support they deserve.

The transport of the tigers will be a relative short one. The distance from the horse ranch to Big Cat Centre TIERART is about 85 kilometres. The tigers are not that young anymore and Jill suffers from bursitis in her elbow. Our animal caretakers and wildlife veterinarians are ready to provide the tigers with the best possible care for their retirement.

What your donation could do

At TIERART, the tigers will enjoy living in a species-appropriate enclosure with over 1,000 sqm of space, which includes enrichment such as a swimming pool and structures with platforms to lie on and wood to scratch their claws.

The tigers will be closely monitored after their arrival in TIERART where they will go through visual health and wellbeing assessments with the support of our wildlife veterinarians.

Your support ensures that Sahib and Jill have access to a suitable diet, medical checks, treatments, and enrichment. They deserve a life without any worries and full of the care they need!