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Save the saddest bears in Ukraine


Unfortunately, the  Legislative proposal Nr. 6598 has been rejected by the Ukrainian parliament. All future donations to this donation page will be used for related animal welfare projects in Ukraine (expanding BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr or future bear rescue missions). We will also continue to engage in politics to improve animal welfare in Ukraine.


While the use of bears in dogfights has been illegal since 2015 in Ukraine, hundreds of bears still suffer in terrible conditions for the entertainment of paying customers. Confined to cages in restaurants, hotels or petrol stations, these bears live miserable and lonely lives. Among the most mistreated are the so-called baiting bears.

Held in tiny and filthy cages, baiting bears are only let out when they are used to train hunting dogs. Attached to a short leash, they are supposed to fight off vicious dogs in preparation for a hunt. The bears have no defense however, as they are leashed and often had their teeth and claws removed as to not injure the dogs. The stress these bears feel is unimaginable. Spending their days in filthy cages, their rare moments on grass should be joyous for them, yet they are hounded and tortured for blood sports.

A new legislative could finally end these animal cruelty practices. Legislative proposal Nr. 6598, which is currently discussed in the Ukrainian government, does not allow the keeping of bears on hunting stations, in restaurants, hotels and other leisure facilities anymore. Of course the hunting lobby is trying to oppose the ban, the retiring of the bears would mean that they could not profit financially from their tortured bears anymore.

Donate today to help us free these abused bears. Your support could offer them a new lease on life in one of our bear sanctuaries.


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