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Young bear Cam must be freed from his tiny cage

Update: Cam safely arrived at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh and is ready to start his new life!

The rescue was anything but easy. We found Cam exhausted and underweight in a very stressed situation because the owner had moved him to another tiny cage before we arrived. But our experienced staff made the best of the situation and succeeded with this challenging and rushed circumstances.

Cam is now in the quarantine station, where he receives veterinary care and is monitored closely. Soon he will get access to a wonderful outdoor enclosure, where he can experience how a species-appropriate life can look like.

You can still support Cam by donating for his future care.


Cam’s past is unknown. We don’t know how the young bear ended up in a tiny 1.5 square meter cage in a bile bear farm in Hai Phong province, Vietnam.

But we know that he does deserve a life so much better than living behind metal bars.

Cam wants to get out!

When we first met him, he clearly showed us that he is desperate to get out of the cage. He was climbing up and down, pacing around and biting the bars of the cage. This is not an environment for any bear, let alone a curious young one, who still has his whole life ahead of him.

He has probably never felt grass under his feet. Never climbed up a tree. Never played with another bear. And without our help, his life will consist of nothing but the bars of this cage.

We must show him, that there is more in life.

We can’t leave Cam behind. But we need your support in order to get him out.  In our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh he would be able to experience what a species-appropriate life can look like. Will you help us to rescue him?

What your donation can do: 

  • € 7: Food for one day in the sanctuary
  • € 10: Medicine per day during his time in quarantine in the sanctuary
  • € 35: Enrichment (a bamboo swing or a boomer ball)
  • € 100: Medication on the day of the rescue
  • € 400: Travel costs to bring Cam to our sanctuary