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Support the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

In Kosovo, many bears are still kept by private owners. They live miserable lives in tiny and often filthy cages, at the mercy of their owners who severely neglect them. FOUR PAWS aims to free these sad bears and give them a species-appropriate life among their kind. As these bears have suffered under human ownership for years, they are unable to ever be returned to the wild.

The BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina offers such neglected bears an environment in which they can live out their natural instincts and behaviour. They can roam freely, dig dens, bathe and hibernate at their own free will. Experienced caretakers and veterinarians provide the bears with individual treatments and help them recover from their ordeals. FOUR PAWS works closely with scientists and universities affiliated with the project. The natural environment allows researchers to study and document the bears and to monitor the recovery and the progress of stereotyped behavioural patterns.

BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is open to visitors and worth a visit if you are in the area! It is located near the capital of Kosovo Prishtina. Visitors can see the bears in their natural environment during a walk through the forest and learn more about these fascinating animals and their life stories at various information points.

Please support the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina with your donation today!


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