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Help us end the suffering of animals in Islamabad ZOO for GOOD


UPDATE: Thanks to your immense support, we could rescue Kaavan! After waiting for this day for 35 years, the former loneliest elephant in the world finally arrived in the beautiful Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

But our mission is not finished. Two former dancing bears, one deer and one monkey are still waiting for their rescue. Will you help us to save them?


Our rescue team spent three months in Islamabad, Pakistan to find an appropriate solution for the animals in the infamous Marghazar Zoo. Today the notorious zoo is about to close down its gates for good.

Our heaviest rescue ever

The loneliest elephant in the world, Kaavan, was brought to Pakistan as a one-year-old baby elephant as a gift from Sri Lanka 35 years ago. He spent his life in an inadequate enclosure of the Islamabad ZOO. He suffered from a lack of veterinarian care and from an unbelievable lack of empathy. He was held in chains for years and was forced to perform in front of visitors.

Kaavan was loaded in a custom-built crate onto a heavy-duty cargo plane. The heavy load required a plane, cranes, and a staff of veterinarians. In Cambodia, a special enclosure was built to enable Kaavan to settle in and to get familiarised with the other elephants living there.

For the first time in 35 years, his enclosure in Islamabad is finally empty. The only thing Kaavan left behind, is his sad nickname. Thanks to your support, the loneliest elephant in the world will never be lonely again.

The remaining animals still need our help

With your support, we want to rescue Suzie and Bubloo. These bears are only about 17 years old, but both are missing most of their teeth. We couldn’t get much information about them except that they were used in the past as dancing bears performing in front of public audiences. The animals were found isolated and apathic.

Immediately after our arrival, our veterinarian expert had to execute a lifesaving surgery on Suzie. Weeks after fighting to improve their future, we were finally granted a court order, which gives us the opportunity to transfer them to Al Ma'wa Wildlife Reserve, a partnership sanctuary between Princess Alia Foundation and FOUR PAWS in Jordan. There, we face another challenge – Building a new 5,000 m’ bear enclosure to ensure the best animal welfare standards for these poor animals.

The animals in the Marghazar Zoo, including Kaavan, Suzie, Bubloo, wolves or monkeys – all of them witnessed the dark side of humanity. But now, thanks to people like you, their life is changing. Your support will enable us to relocate all of them to a new home where their new life can finally begin.

Without the support of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, the Pakistani authorities and the local community, American businessman Eric S. Margolis as well as our partners from Free The Wild, and last but not least, supporters like you, this mission would have not been possible.

Thank you for your support!