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Please make the difference for our big cats!

FELIDA Big Cat Centre is the Dutch big cat rescue centre of FOUR PAWS. Currently we provide a home for five tigers and three lions. The animals in our care were rescued from a history of circuses, zoos and private keeping.

In the past few years, we have transferred fourteen animals (seven lions, six tigers and one leopard) to LIONSROCK, the FOUR PAWS Big Cat Sanctuary in South-Africa.

Unfortunately, this future is not realistic for most of the animals still at FELIDA. As a result of years of suffering in captivity, with inadequate nutrition and lack of medical care, these animals are not in the best shape for a journey to South-Africa. In the Netherlands we want to offer them a beautiful life.

It is only thanks to your donation that rescue centers like FELIDA can operate. Your donation provides a home to these animals!

We can only do this with your help! Their future is in our hands! 


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