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Ending the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Southeast Asia.

Every year, millions of dogs and cats are mercilessly killed for the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. This includes both stray animals and family pets, who are often stolen from their yards, homes, or snatched while wandering outside.

The transportation method used to bring them to the slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants is unimaginably horrifying.  The animals are crammed into small cages loaded onto trucks or in small cages tied onto the back of motorbikes. This results in injuries such as broken bones and the journey often leads to exhaustion and heat stroke before even reaching their destination. Many unfortunately die along the way. At their final destination, the animals meet a cruel fate.  They are often killed using brutal methods such as drowning, beating, stabbing, and being burned alive.

Our team is dedicated to stopping this brutal trade, we are working closely together with governments and our local charity partners to help animals in need, and to end the trade for good. Furthermore, we are committed to educating the public on the dangers of this trade. As the industry is not only a major animal welfare threat, it also poses threat to human health due to rabies, and other deadly diseases. 

The time to act is now. We want to end to this cruel and horrific trade and to achieve this, we need your help. Together with your support, we can make the dog and cat meat trade a thing of the past!