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Hope for Dasha and Lelya

***UPDATE 29/10/2019:

Dasha and Lelya were successfully rescued and are now ready to start a new life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr. After 13 years of misery, they can now finally come to rest in a species-appropriate environment.

All further donations will go towards their life-long care.


Dasha and Lelya spent the past 13 years imprisoned in a tiny cage. Day after day, they have to stare out at the world through their rusty prison bars. They were brought to this restaurant as cubs and haven't felt grass under their paws ever since. All they know is their barren 25 sqm cage and the sound of the nearby railway tracks.

Now that the restaurant and hotel closed down, the two are in a precarious position. The owners don't want to keep them but don't know what to do with the two. We want to make sure that Dasha and Lelya are safe and have found a perfect solution for them.

At our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, they can finally leave their past behind and enjoy a species-appropriate life. Their vast enclosure will give them enough space to roam, play and even swim all day long. Gone will be the days of sadly sitting behind cage bars dreaming of freedom. With your help, Dasha and Lelya could soon enjoy a taste of freedom under expert care.

Help us make this faraway dream a reality for Dasha and Lelya.

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