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Shutting down a dog slaughterhouse

***UPDATE  ***

All 15 dogs are rescued from this Slaughterhouse.

With your support, we can fund the dog's future care they so desperately need.

Can they count on you? 


FOUR PAWS has been investigating the dog meat trade in Cambodia since 2018. What we found was shocking.

Millions of dogs are being trafficked across the country, and international borders  Most are being killed in brutal ways: drowning, hanging, and bludgeoning is all common practice. Many restaurants disclosed to us that they sourced their dog meat from a single supplier. After weeks of searching, we finally located ground zero for dog meat in the area. One slaughterhouse was singlehandedly responsible for killing up to 3,500 dogs per year! Since opening, the facility had slaughtered more than 12,000 dogs.

The facility is operated by a couple who are desperate to get out of the trade. They have remorse and pity for killing dogs, and need help to get out of the business. Opportunities in rural Cambodia to change occupations however are limited, and the situation has only been made worse by the COVID pandemic.

This is why FOUR PAWS will help convert this slaughterhouse business into a small local shop where they can sell a variety of goods such as groceries, toiletries and paper goods. The slaughtering area and cages will be removed and destroyed. Furthermore, the owners will take a lifelong commitment to never be involved in the trade again.

In August, FOUR PAWS hopes to officially close this business down, and rescue all dogs on-site.

Please support the millions of dogs that fall victim to this trade by closing down this ''kingpin'' of the dog meat trade of Cambodia. Your support ensures that FOUR PAWS can rescue these dogs, and give them a happy, healthy life.  

Below you can find an overview of how your donation supports this campaign:

With 10 € / 20 € / 30 € you contribute to the costs for:

  • One rescued dog’s vaccination and deworming
  • New blanket
  • Feed a rescued dog for one month
  • Harness and collar

With 50 € / 100 € / 150 € you contribute to the costs for:

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Emergency medical care for a rescued dog
  • Transport Crate

With 450 € you contribute to the costs for:

  • Help fund a freedom flight for a rescued pup to the US