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Let's close this cat slaughterhouse!

Update: Our team arrived to rescue 20 cats and five dogs from this slaughterhouse location. All will be transported to our Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh where they will receive medical treatment and comprehensive vet checks.


The Cat Meat Trade in Vietnam

Over 5 million companion animals fall victim to the cruel cat and dog meat trade in Vietnam every year. While both cats and dogs suffer tremendously at the hands of the traders, cats tend to be silent victims of an equally brutal trade that receives far less attention despite the rise in popularity across the country. In late 2019, FOUR PAWS and Change for Animals Foundation (CFAF) conducted the first ever nationwide investigation into Vietnam’s cat meat trade. We discovered that over one million cats are being stolen, trafficked, and brutally killed for a dish known as ‘’Little Tiger’’.  Many of them are stolen pets.

Mr. Dương

During our investigation we met with a lot of people involved in the trade. To our disappointment, most of them were content with their role in the cat meat trade given its lucrative nature. However, there was one person who expressed remorse and guilt for his involvement in the cat meat trade, Mr. Dương. He owns a restaurant and a slaughterhouse where he keeps, kills and processes mainly cats, but also dogs from time to time. He reached out to FOUR PAWS and CFAF and emphasised his desperation to get out of the cat meat trade and to convert his business into one not related to animal exploitation.

You can help

In December, FOUR PAWS hopes to close this business for good, and rescue all animals on-site! Rescued cats and dogs will be immediately taken to FOUR PAWS Viet Ninh Binh Sanctuary, where they will receive urgent medical care. They will then be transported to partner charities PAWS for Compassion and Vietnam Cat Welfare for additional rehabilitation before being adopted into loving, forever homes.

Please support us. With your help, we can close this slaughterhouse and restaurant for good, spare thousands of animals from a painful death, and give the rescued animals a life that they deserve.