Hundreds of bears are about to die!

Approximately 1.300 bears in Vietnam live a horrible life in tiny cages where they can barely move. These bears are being used as so-called bile bears because their owners have been harvesting their bile for years. Even though it was made illegal in 2005, it still happens. Many bears were captured as cubs and don't know anything but a life in captivity. Our goal is to rescue as many bears as possible in the coming weeks and months and provide them a safe future!

In December 2016 we started building our own bear sanctuary in Vietnam. Around 100 bile bears can start a new life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh and feel grass under their paws for the first time. A place to forget their horrible past and have a fresh start. The first three bears have already been saved! 

The fate of the bears depends on your donation! Please donate and help the bile bears!

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Thanks to your donation we can rescue the bile bears and provide them a safe future.