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Our work for bears in need

Thousands of bears live in atrocious conditions around the world. Whether they are trapped in rundown zoos, forced to fight for their lives as baiting bears or tortured for their bile, they are desperately wishing for a better life.

We have made it our mission to give these abused bears a new chance at life. From Albania to Vietnam, our bear experts have rescued and rehomed over 120 bears in the last 2 decades. These rescues have often proved difficult and even dangerous but seeing the bears enjoy the safety their new homes is priceless.

FOUR PAWS now operates five of its own BEAR SANCTUARIES in Europe and Asia and runs two more sanctuaries in cooperation with partners. In Vietnam alone, we offer up to 44 bears a safe haven from the horrors of bile bear farming. In total, more than 100 bears are currently in FOUR PAWS care and we are looking forward to welcoming many more.

Please support the bears in our care with your donation.