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Support Teddy's future care

*** Update 05-11-2020 ***

Bear Teddy has finally arrived at DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa on the 5th of November. With your donation, we can give him a new life and rescue more bears in need. Will you support our work? 


Rescue Bear TEddy

A young bear by the name of Teddy urgently needs our help in North Macedonia.

We have been informed of Teddy’s unfortunate situation in Zoo Shtip, where he has been kept in captivity since autumn 2017 in a tiny, rusty cage of only a few square metres. The conditions surrounding his captivity are horrible and unsafe. There is a huge risk of Teddy breaking out of his cage. Moreover, the keeping of Teddy in Zoo Shtip is considered illegal as they do not possess a license for keeping bears in their zoo.

We sent a team to investigate Teddy’s situation in the zoo, and they concluded that he must be relocated as soon as possible as Teddy’s paws are infected and his teeth are damaged by biting on the metal bars and mesh of the tiny cage.

We at FOUR PAWS have made it our mission to save and relocate Teddy to DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa in Bulgaria as soon as possible. At this sanctuary, which is run in cooperation with the French Fondation Brigitte Bardot, Teddy will be able to receive the care and support he desperately needs, such as proper nutrition and medical care.

For us to achieve this goal we need your support. Your donation will ensure that we can give a better life and future to Teddy and relocate him to DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa as soon as possible.

Below, you can see an indication of how your donation can make a difference:

With € 10 / € 20 / € 30 you contribute to the costs for:

  • The medication for the bear on the day of the rescue
  • The transportation of the bear (in the bear ambulance)
  • Healthy and fresh food the bear gets after the arrival in DBP Belitsa (e.g. vegetables, nuts, fruits)
  • Treat balls or other food & foraging enrichment

With € 50 / € 70 / € 100 you contribute to the costs for:

  • A short vet check of the bear on the day of the rescue
  • The first detailed vet-check of the bear (some months after arrival at the sanctuary)
  • a month’s ration of healthy and fresh food

With € 100 and more you contribute to the costs for:

  • the preparation and maintenance of the bears’ enclosure