Free bear Anya! Help us break the lock!

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Bear Anya deserves better than a life in a cage

The Ukrainian bear Anya never had a chance of living a species-appropriate life. Anya was born in 2015 when she was first kept private by a person in Kharkiv. She was then resold to Pokrovsk Zoo, where conditions were so appalling that authorities confiscated her.

Luckily, Anya was temporarily brought to Home Zoo until a species-appropriated solution is found for her and other Pokrovsk animals. 

FOUR PAWS wants to transfer Anya and her bear friend to BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr where both can start a new life. 

Will you help these bears to a carefree future? Donate now!

With 21 € / 37 € you contribute to the costs for:
- The medication for both bears need on the day of the rescue
- The transport of both bears to the Sanctuary 
- Healthy and fresh food they receive after arrival 
- Enrichment in their abode

With 54 € / 77 € / 98 € you contribute to the costs for:
- A short vet check of the bears on the day of the rescue
- The extensive vet check-up at BEAR FOREST Domazhyr (a few months after arrival)
- A monthly ration of healthy and fresh food for the bears

With 100 € plus you contribute to the costs for their 1.2 ha wooded stay in BEAR FOREST Domazhyr