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The brand new Arosa Bear Sanctuary

We are proud to announce that in Summer 2018, we were able to add another sanctuary to our bear rescue program! We broke ground in the mountains of Arosa, Switzerland in Summer 2017. In the past years, FOUR PAWS has rescued over 90 bears and our sanctuaries are almost at capacity. The number of bears in need however, seems to be never-ending.

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary will be able to house 5 bears and will encompass an area of 3 hectares, the size of about 4,5 football fields. Situated at 2000m, the bears will be in a natural and species appropriate environment. The fresh mountain air and the lush greenery surrounding the sanctuary will offer them a beautiful home to recover from their hardships. As in its other bear sanctuaries, FOUR PAWS ensures that several key factors are respected in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

All the male bears will be castrated to prevent the otherwise almost uncontrollable growth of our bear population. We prefer to focus on rescuing bears and want to keep space available for them. We also won’t remove bears from the wild. Our goal is to give abused and captive bears a new chance at life and not to breed new ones.

Donate for the Arosa Bear Sanctuary and help offer abused bears a new lease on life.


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