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End the nightmare of live animal transport

A journey of death

Live animal transport is causing immense suffering for animals. Every year, over a billion animals are transported across the EU as well as outside the EU. In many cases only to be slaughtered.

Under current rules, pigs can be transported for 24 hours without break and cattle for 29 hours including an one hour break. But it gets even worse: this cycle can be repeated as often as it takes until the animals arrive at their final destination. For transport via sea transport lime is not limited at all.  Sometimes animals are on the move for several days or even weeks.

Tragedies on sea

Shocking tragedies continue to show us that this outdated system must change immediately. For example, 1,776  cattle were stuck on board the ship Elbeik in horrific conditions for three months until they arrived in Cartagena, Spain. Many died and the health of the remaining 1610 animals had suffered so much that all of them had to be killed.

In only five weeks, officials say that another 40,000 lambs and 3,000 calves will leave Spanish shores across the Mediterranean to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Algeria.

And yet another crisis happened immediately after, as a container ship blocking Suez Canal put the lives of thousands of animals in jeopardy.

Will you help put an end to this?

We raise our voice against this particularly brutal form of animal cruelty. The lax controls, the greed of the farming industry and this murderous marathon on our streets and sea must be stopped now.

But we can only do this with your support. With your donation we can continue our fight against cruel live animal transportation and put pressure on politics!

Let's end the nightmare of live animal transports

► Your donation says NO to live animal transports that take longer than 8 hours.

► Your donations says NO to exports to countries outside of the EU and transports via sea.

► Your donation says YES to stricter laws and alternatives to live animal transport.

► Your donation lets FOUR PAWS take action to persuade the public and politicians to end the animal transport death marathon.


Images © FOUR PAWS | Bente Stachowske | Jesús López Melgares | Aitor Garmendia